The Dark Pages is an ongoing international community project aimed at facilitating open communication and group independence in the Vampiric Community.

Our goal is to collaborate international vampire resources to build a healthy, strong and self-sufficient society where the needs of the individual in regards to donors, mentors, groups and business requirements are met in an efficient and compassionate manner.

We hope that through this construct we will be able to build and maintain a co-operative and forthcoming entity working for the unification of the vampiric community.

About the Dark Pages

We have a simple registration process through which vampires and donors are able to register their services or needs.

This includes vampire-friendly businesses, safe houses, covens/houses, mentorship, events and other community collaboration.

To register yourself, your business or your organisation please use the following link:

The Dark Pages Registration Form

Please note that the registration page is still in it's Beta stage, to allow for future  ammendments if they become necessary.

After you register, the real action begins behind the scenes. Our proficient team of adminsitrators process your registration into our maintained database. At the moment the database is not open to the public, and the administrators act as mediators between registered parties.

Keeping in mind the variable nature of the Online Vampiric Community, we like to preserve as much personal interaction as we are able, and as such we manage each profile on an individual basis.

To put the system simply, when an individual's need is processed, we match it to the existing services we have on file. We contact the individual on a personal basis, and issue them with information regarding the service(s) they are requiring. If no current facilities match the particular request, we still contact them regarding this matter, and keep their registration on file for when a corresponding service is registered.

Our History

The Dark Pages was founded and conceptualised in 2008 by Furyfeva, a sanguinarian vampire and member of the Online Vampiric Community for over six years before the establishment of this resource.


Due to the nature of the Dark Pages, we limit registration to those over the age of 18. Any role-players, gamers or other time wasters will have their application denied by the administration team.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us regarding any enquiries or concerns you may have, and we will respond as efficiently as possible.